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hexxas - Hexagonal Photo Tiles

Customisable, flexible and modern. Designyour very own hexxas and show off yourcreativity using your favourite photos!

  • A work of art with six sides
  • A collage of your favourite moments on high-quality photo tiles
  • Can be combined and expanded as you see fit
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Product Features


  • 18 x 15.6 cm
  • 27 x 23.4 cm


  • Printed directly on 5mm thick rigid foam board
  • Seven colour printing process

Get creative with hexxas

Create your own personal hexxas, whichcan be easily combined and moved to suityour design.
Cewe Wall Art Hexxas product properties sizes Cewe Wall Art Hexxas product properties sizes All formats at a glance!

Arrange a picture on several elements orcombine different hexxas from the two sizeoptions - 18 x 15.6 or 27 x 23.4cm.

Cewe Wall Art Hexxas product properties wall hanger Cewe Wall Art Hexxas product properties wall hanger Wall Hanger and Mount

With the Y-piece and the magnetic hangingelement, you can add and change your phototiles quickly and easily. This flexibilityforms a work of art that you can add more toat any time.

Cewe Wall Art Hexxas product properties foam board prints Cewe Wall Art Hexxas product properties foam board prints hexxas on foam board

Give your photos an extraordinary look withprofessionally printed hexagonal tiles madefrom high quality hard foam!

Choose a layout to suit your style

My hexxas - my style!

Your favourite photos as hexagonalwall art

Individual and flexible: design your hexxas,your way.

Create hexagonal tiles including your own photos

Showcase your favourite photos in a chic, trend inspired way with stylish hexagonal photo tiles. You can choose to distribute one photo over several tiles or put together a collage of separate images on individual tiles. When designing, you choose the number of tiles and the size depending on the space you wish to fill. If you want to personalise the design of your hexxas, you can add Clipart or text onto the tiles too.

The flexibility of hexxas

Designing your hexxas is simple and has lots of benefits for you to enjoy.

  • Flexible movement and arrangement
  • 7-color UV direct printing on hard foam
  • Light, stable and durable
  • With magnetic suspension, tiles can be repositioned easily
  • Y-piece to create perfect distance between each tile

Another feature of hexxas is that, due to the special shape, different photos come together to create a harmonious whole. For example, if you like to travel, you can create a collage of your favourite photographs from all of your different travel destinations. If you have a large family and would like to feel like they’re with you all the time, you can dedicate a separate tile to each family member, forming a very special family portrait!

Turn your photo picture to hexxas

Even if you have never designed a print, poster or other photo product, you will still be able to create impressive hexagonal tiles. Simply select the desired tile size, upload your photos and then design your hexxas online. Thanks to the product preview, you know exactly what the design looks like and whether it is suited to your taste. As soon as you’re happy with the design, it’s time to order!