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Turn your memories into a lasting keepsake with one of our unique photo books.Discover CEWE PHOTOBOOK collection at Boots and explore our beautiful range ofphoto book sizes and styles, or look for inspiration. Find out more about thedifferent paper types and cover options and start creating your very ownpersonalised photo books with the easy-to-use creator software.

Photo books for every occasion

Whether it's a wedding, a trip or a family celebration, keep your memories in a photo book and relive them again and again. Give your photos a chance to shine - in a photo album you’ve designed yourself from Boots Photo. Be it a keepsake for your bookshelf or a personal gift for your loved ones; you can design a CEWE PHOTOBOOK in a short time, and enjoy it for a long time

Buy photo books from Boots Photo

Order from Boots Photo and have your photo book printed on high-quality paper or opt for exposure on photographic paper. In any case, you can rely on the best quality. Choose from:

  • 9 different formats
  • 6 excellent paper types
  • 5 different covers
  • Finishes in gold, silver, gloss

A selection of our photo book formats

Discover our wide range of photo books from pocket sized to XXL

How to design your photo book with the software

Design your photo books with the easy to use Boots Photo Creator Software. In the software you can not only insert and move photos: you determine everything yourself. You can insert the backgrounds, the frames, special effects and your own texts at any point. Design your CEWE PHOTOBOOK your way and leaf through the professional result with joy and pride.

Our order methods

Whether you prefer to design online, in the Boots Photo App or using the BootsCreator Software. Simply choose the option that suits you best.

Boots Photo App

  • Design anytime and anywhere
  • Quick installation
  • Save projects permanently in the app

CEWE Creator Software

  • Wide variety of designs
  • Easy installation on your PC
  • Save projects permanently on your computer

Design Online

  • Start designing straight away
  • No installation necessary
  • Save projects online for 6 months

Our paper types at a glance

Paper is important when selecting and creating the perfect photo book to reliveyour treasured memories. Discover our selection of paper types and find out moreabout high quality paper!
Classic Paper Cewe Photobook
Classic Paper

Classic Paper is the versatile, yet effective choice to showcase your favourite photos.

  • A versatile choice perfect for all styles of photography
  • Available for all formats and covers
  • Up to 178 pages
Classic paper cewe photobook Classic paper high gloss finish cewe photobook
High Gloss Paper

High Gloss Paper adds a unique sumptuous depth to the colours in your photos.

  • Classic Paper of the highest quality (200 gsm)
  • Brilliant colours thanks to a high-quality UV coating
  • Smudge and moisture-resistant
  • Up to 154 pages
Classic paper high gloss finish cewe photobook Matte paper cewe photobook
True Matte Paper

For amateur photographers,professionals and photographyenthusiasts. Our True MattePaper Type stands out due to itselegance and sophistication.

  • Elegant True Matte Paper (160gsm) with a unique roughened texture
  • Velvety-matte look on the inside pages and cover
  • Soft contrasts and mild colours
  • Perfect for adding text
  • Up to 154 pages
Matte paper cewe photobook Classic photographic paper cewe photobook
Classic Photographic Paper

Photos printed on Classic Photographic Paper are produced with a stunning level of detail and outstanding colour intensity.

  • Traditional wet print process
  • Layflat Binding: perfect for panoramic photos over two-page spreads
  • Extremely high level of detail and large colour range
  • Up to 114 pages
Classic photographic paper cewe photobook Gloss photographic paper cewe photobook
Gloss Photographic Paper

Gloss Photographic Paper brings out the brilliant colour vibrance in your photos.

  • Traditional wet print process
  • Layflat Binding: perfect for panoramic photos over two-page spreads
  • Incredible colour intensity with UV Gloss Coating
  • Up to 114 pages
Gloss photographic paper cewe photobook Matte photographic paper cewe photobook
Matte Photographic Paper

Our Matte Photographic Paper features outstanding depth along with a one-of-a-kind deep-matte finish and non-reflective surface.

  • Traditional wet print process
  • Layflat Binding
  • Non-reflective, deep-matte surface
  • Very fine detail rendering and a lifelike visual appearance
  • Up to 114 pages
Matte photographic paper cewe photobook

Our bindings at a glance

Don’t forget the finishing touches of your photo album, discover binding options forthe perfect touch of elegance.
Traditional book binding cewe photobook
Traditional Photo Book Binding

In Traditional Book Binding, the inside pages and inside pages on each cover are bound with high-quality adhesive.

  • High-quality adhesive binding
  • The highest degree of quality and service - every time
  • Available for every CEWE PHOTOBOOK Hardcover in Classic Paper
Traditional book binding cewe photobook Layflat binding cewe photobook
Layflat Photo Book Binding
  • Completely flat pages
  • No image loss in the centrefold
  • Perfect for panoramic photos
  • Available with Photographic Paper
Layflat binding cewe photobook

Range of Photo Book covers

A book isn’t finished without a cover, learn more about photo book cover types andoptions.

Enjoy a sturdy, hard-backed cover to protect yourprecious photos.

  • High quality
  • Customisable spine
  • Gold, Silver or Gloss Highlights available
  • Available with up to 178 pages

Our flexible, lightweight softcover photo books are perfect for carrying on the go, making your photo book incredibly versatile and easy to flick through.

  • Flexible, Laminated Cover
  • Personalised Softcover
  • Personalised Spine
  • Available with up to 130 pages

Just like in a high-quality brochure, the pages inside the booklet cover fold into each other and are held together by staples.

  • Cover with staple binding
  • Pages fold into each other, just like a brochure
  • Available with up to 50 pages
Booklet Faux Leather
Leather Cover

Deliciously vintage and crafted from leather that’s soft to the touch, this cover option will be the perfect setting for your precious memories. Add gloss or metallic Highlights for a lustrous, tactile raised effect.

Faux Leather
Linen Cover

Our elegant linen cover makes your photo book a special memento. You’ll be seduced by the modern look and texture. It’s the best way to showcase your special memories! Just add Gloss or metallic Highlights.

Add Highlights to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Put your photos in the limelight!
gold highlighted text on the cover of a travel photobook

Hardcover Highlights

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK with a special twist! Give select elements elegant tactile and visual highlights in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver or Gloss.

silver highlighted text on the cover of a photobook

Hardcover Silver Highlights

Make your design stand out with elegantsilver highlights, giving your photo book abeautifully classic finish

Hardcover Golden Highlights

Hardcover Golden Highlights

Give your precious memories a goldentouch with Boots photo’s specialhighlights.

rose gold text highlights for photo book cover

Hardcover Highlights

With a stylish, contemporary Rose Goldfinish on your next CEWEPHOTOBOOK, it’s sure to stand out.

It’s easy to design your very own photo book

Order Photo Books All Year Round

A photo book gathers memories of beautiful moments, once in a lifetime experiences and special occasions. Make sure you remember all the fun times you had with the people you love by preserving your memories in one place ready for you to look back on in years to come.

Give your photos a chance to shine with a personalised photo book. Whether it is for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone else, you can design an impressive CEWE PHOTOBOOK quickly and easily online.

Design Your Own Photo Book with The Creator Software

We - and hundreds of good reviews - recommend you design your photo book with the easy and intuitive Creator Software. The software is not restrictive and allows you to determine all the design aspects yourself. Simply upload your photos and start creating your personalised photo book. Insert backgrounds, frames, highlights, clipart and text at any point in your creative process and enjoy the unique personalisation’s of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. This amount of choice and freedom allows you to design your photo book exactly as you like it. Are you ready to leaf through the professional result with joy and pride?

Quality Photo Books for Quality Memories

Your photo book will be printed on our high-quality paper to achieve professional results. To make sure that you create a photo book that is perfect for you, there are numerous elements that you get to select to achieve your photo album vision. For example:

  • 9 different sizes
  • 6 excellent paper types
  • 5 different covers
  • Highlights in gold, rose gold, silver and gloss
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