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Photo collage wall art

Photo Collage Wall Art Prints

Design a photo collage with up to 27 photos on a product of your choice.

Our Photo Collages At a Glance

Discover our variety of durable materials and professional finishes

Your Favorite Moments as vibrant collage wall art

Combine your best memories creatively!
Photo collage photo strip

Photo Panel

Whether you choose portrait or landscape, present your favourite photos in a modern and decorative design.

Create your own art with a personalised collage

Collages are very popular as they offer a lot of space for you to express yourself and can accommodate lots of unforgettable moments in just a single frame. Your wall collage can consist of anything that means a lot to you – from holiday pictures, wedding photos and/or pictures of your best friends and family. A print on canvas, gallery print, or acrylic is particularly elegant and will also make a great gift idea for your loved ones. Take a look at our variety of products and discover all of the designs, sizes and materials that you can create in an instant.

A large photo collage: a perfect balance of image, material and space

A collage can suit any room in your home. For example, a collage for the living room is able to meet a different criteria than a collage for the bathroom. For a large photo collage, it is important to create a harmonious balance of material, space and photo to really get the best out of your photos. Gallery prints and acrylic glass collages enhance holiday pictures and romantic photographs through vivid colour, detail and depth which makes them look great in the living room or bedroom. Alu- Dibond is wipeable, durable, matte and deep in colour which makes it ideal for a collage for the bathroom, the kitchen or a balcony.

Benefits of a Photo Collage

  • Seven materials to choose from
  • Individual designs, formats and sizes
  • Intuitive design software
  • Preserves your favourite memories
  • Personalised interior design