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Gallery Prints

Exceptional quality UV-printing with a stunning 3D depth effect

The ultimate way to realise your photos in print. The high-quality direct UV-printing process onto acrylic glass brings out the vibrant colours of your photo, backed by aluminium for stability and a unique modern finish.

  • Exceptional colour brilliance thanks to UV-Printing
  • Aluminium Di-bond backing ensures stability
  • Stunning 3D depth effect
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Product Features


  • Size selection accurate to the millimetre
  • From 20 x 20cm to 100 x 150cm


  • Direct UV-printing onto 4mm acrylic glass backed by 3mm aluminium di-bond

Your Wall Art at a bespoke size

Choose the exact dimensions of the print you want
made to measure acrylic photo print as wall back splash

Your favourite photo made-to-measure

Whether it’s an Acrylic, Aluminium, Foam Board or Gallery Print - we offer custom-sized Wall Art to suit your needs.

A selection of our formats

Discover our range from 20 x 20cm to 100 x 150cm

Our Wall Hanging Options at a Glance

Choose from our range of options to find the perfect hanging system to suit your style
wall hanger dco screw system Wall hanger Dco screw system Chrome Posts (Screws)

Your photo is mounted using four visible screws through the front. The distance to the wall is approximately 20mm.

wall hanger dco clamping system Wall hanger Dco clamping system Chrome Stand-Offs (Clamps)

With our Chrome stand-offs option, no holes will be drilled into your piece. Simply mark where you’d like to hang your Wall Art and mark the position of the stand-offs to drill into your wall and hang the piece using the supplied screws and wall plugs. To finish, simply fasten the head of the post in its mounted anchor. Please note your piece will sit approx 20mm from the wall.

Wall hanger Dco rail system Wall hanger Dco rail system Aluminium Rail

A metal frame is securely attached to the back of the Gallery Print. As well as providing additional stability, this innovative hanging system ensures perfect results every time. The rail system provides a wall distance of 1 cm.

Wall mount dcso wall mount dco Wall Brackets

Our Wall Brackets are adhered to the back-side of your piece in the lab. Your work will appear to be floating away from the wall by approx 10mm.

An impressive arrangement for your motifs

Learn all about the wide range of design options for your gallery print!
Create A Modern Style With Premium Photo Posters

Create A Modern Style With Premium Photo Posters

Utilise one or more photos across multiple poster prints to break up your arrangement and give a modern, stylish flare to your new décor.

Your collage as a gallery print

Select from a wide variety of design options!
All your favourite memories on a single piece of Wall Art

All your favourite memories on a single piece of Wall Art

Combine your best pictures into one photo collage. Give your photos a moment to shine using creative design templates and high-quality materials.

Gallery Quality for Your Home

Make your photos as beautiful as they can be with a Gallery Print.

Create Gallery Print Art for the Home or Office

A Gallery Print has been a beloved printing process of photo enthusiasts for years and is the highest quality way to preserve and present your photos. Professional photographers and gallery owners in particular like to make frequent use of gallery prints. Every photograph will benefit from the multi-stage printing and production process of placing images behind acrylic glass with aluminium sealing - even the smallest detail will be printed sharply and clearly. Another reason to choose a gallery print is the material's UV protection - extremely durable, it will be resistant to fade.

Why Should I Choose a Gallery Print?

High quality is always the focus when it comes to printing your photo products and a Gallery Print is the epitome of impressive printing. The combination of acrylic glass and an aluminium dibond plate is something very special. The stability of a gallery print also makes it ideal for large formats. With sizes from 20 x 20 cm to 100 x 150 cm, you can choose the perfect size for your space. Thanks to the four different wall brackets and screw suspension system, you can easily attach your artwork to any wall in your home or office. The aluminium hanging system is particularly impressive, as it is widely used in galleries and will bring the gallery charm to your home.

Create Picture Perfect Gallery Prints

Gallery prints are particularly important when it comes to detailed and high-contrast images. Landscape photos, pictures of a skyline at night and holiday snaps will make you feel as though you are still there! Top tip: the higher the resolution of the image, the better the gallery print. With the exclusive design templates that the Boots Photo Creation Software features, you can create a stylish, colour-intensive and high-resolution collage of several of your favourite photos. Plus, you can also add text or Clipart to your heart's content!