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Personalised advent calendar with kinder and Ferrero chocolate Personalised advent calendar with kinder and Ferrero chocolate

Personalised Advent Calendars 2023

Discover a wide range of personalised CEWE Advent Calendars to choose from and give your favourite people a reason to smile every day in December. From £8.99

Chocolate Advent Calendars - with individual photos behind 24 doors

✓ Enjoy the magic of discovering cherished photos behind each door

✓ Hurry! It’s limited stock only!

Personalised Ferrero Chocolate Advent Calendar with Individual Photos Inside

Portrait or Landscape • Your favourite photos and Ferrero chocolate behind 24 doors

Personalised kinder® Chocolate Advent Calendar with Individual Photos Inside

Portrait or Landscape • Your favourite photos and kinder® chocolate behind 24 doors

Photo Advent Calendars they’ll love to receive

✓ 24 doors with individual photos behind to reveal a new memory every day

✓ Printed with renowned CEWE quality

Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendars - single photo

✓ Personalise your cover with photos and festive templates

✓ Enjoy a daily countdown with Ferrero, kinder® or Tony’s Chocolonely treats

✓ Quick & easy to create

Fill-your-own Photo Advent Calendar

✓ Add a photo to the cover to design a heartfelt gift

✓ Give it the personal touch by filling the empty tray with your own daily surprises!

One of a kind: a Personalised Advent Calendar with your photos

Advent calendars belong to the pre-Christmas season like mulled wine and cookies. They are often filled with chocolate, but they can also be filled by small gifts, poems or photos! If you want to give your children, friends, your partner or a family member a fun way to countdown to Christmas, create their very own personalised photo advent calendar. Choose from our range of CEWE Photo Advent Calendars with chocolates, add your own photos behind the doors or create a calendar that you can fill yourself.

Design your Personalised Advent Calendars

The first step is to choose the cover photo. If you feel like keeping in with the festive spirit, why not choose a photo from a previous Christmas party or winter holiday? Once you have found the perfect picture, it’s time to design your advent calendar! Simply select the advent calendar type, choose a landscape or portrait format and then insert the cover picture. If you want to get even more creative, add texts and Clipart of your choice. If you’ve finished designing, check the calendar design in the product preview and order once you’re happy with the result. The image resolution is checked automatically, and the system will inform you if the quality is not sufficient for printing. You can then swap the image for another one during the design process to make sure you receive the highest quality product possible.

Discover an Advent Calendar that perfectly complements your home

Browse our variety of sizes, from portrait to landscape, to find the perfect Personalsied Advent Calendar for your home. Lean it against a wall or hang it alongside your Christmas decorations, creating a warm ambiance to capture the season's spirit.

Questions you might have about personalised advent calendars

Yes, you can. Choose from one of our 3 chocolate Advent Calendar options for you to personalise: - Ferrero Chocolate - kinder - Tony's Chocolonely

Add your favourite photos to the front to make an advent calendar like no other. Alternatively, countdown to Christmas without the calories with a Photo Advent Calendar - fill it with 24 of your most treasured photos, plus one extra special photo for the front. For a fully customised countdown, a Fill Your Own Advent Calendar is a great option to create a unique gift made with the recipient in mind.

Yes. We call them 'Fill Your Own' Advent Calendars. It allows you to still personalise and print your favourite photos onto the cover but it will arrive empty, ready to be filled with any goodies you choose.

Fill Your Own Advent Calendars leave you with endless possibilities - we recommend thinking of a theme to help get you started. Fill with vegan treats, savoury snacks or jelly sweets for a thoughtful twist on this Christmas tradition. Add small gifts, like beauty products or voucher codes to download music, TV shows or movies, for an impressive Christmas countdown. If you know a tea or coffee lover, fill each day with a different flavoured teabag or coffee pod for an exciting start to their day. You can even create one for your pet, filled with their favourite treats or small toys. Think outside the box and create a personalised Fill Your Own Advent Calendar that is truly unique to you.

Yes, you can create your own advent calendar from a range of design templates. These provide you with a quick way to create your design as all you'll have to do is drag and drop your photo/s. Design templates are available on all chocolate, photo and fill your own advent calendars.

Photo Advent Calendars 2023: Create a magical Christmas

What is a Personalised Advent Calendar?

A Personalised Advent Calendar is your own festive masterpiece, a heartwarming keepsake where you can weave the magic of your cherished memories into the holiday countdown. Typically, an Advent calendar has 24 windows or doors, and they are designed to be opened daily, from the 1st of December. Unlike regular advent calendars with generic images, a custom Photo Advent Calendar lets you add your own photos to surprise and delight, turning each door into a cherished moment.

Customise the cover with your photo and templates to create a truly festive gift that truly captures the essence of the season. It's an unexpected way to share your stories, whether for children or adults, and welcome Christmas into your home.

In our Personalised CEWE Advent Calendars range you’ll find products with and without chocolate, as well as one with an empty tray, where you can add your own gift behind each door!

Advent Calendar: A novel gift that decorates your home with your photos

Create a customised Advent Calendar that adds a personal touch to your home, adorned with your cherished memories. Whether you choose to hang it on the wall or lean it against it, our CEWE Photo Advent Calendars offer a range of formats, templates, and delicious fillings, all featuring your beloved photos. Some of our CEWE Photo Advent Calendars even transform into a heartwarming photo collage poster, complete with a wooden bar with magnetic closure, that will look great when hung on the wall.

For chocolate lovers, we offer options brimming with delectable treats from beloved brands like Ferrero, Kinder, and Tony’s Chocolonely. What's more, the inner tray of our XXL and Fill-Your-Own Advent Photo Calendars is 100% biodegradable, making it an eco-conscious choice to reduce our environmental footprint around the holidays. Surprise your loved ones with this thoughtful and unexpected gift option that beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the season.

Custom Advent Calendars 2023: A special advent season with your photos

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect gift at Christmas, as it beautifully narrates your story through your photos, but consider gifting a Personalised CEWE Advent Calendar brimming with festive cheer as you count down to the big day. Whether you're crafting it together with your loved ones or secretly concocting a surprise, you have the creative freedom to tailor the design.

Add festive messages like the timeless "Merry Christmas," embellish it with holiday-themed elements, borders in festive hues, ribbons, snowflakes, and much more. For truly unique stocking fillers, explore our personalised gift selection, perfect for creating surprising Christmas presents that will delight the little ones.