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Our new sustainable Advent Calendar Our new sustainable Advent Calendar

Sustainable Personalised Advent Calendars

Made from sustainable materials with the environment in mind, our range of environmentally friendly Advent Calendars make the perfect planet-kind gifts for your loved ones this December.

Joy inside every door - and a ‘heart’ made of potatoes!

Introducing our biodegradable Advent Calendars
inner tray is made from 100% biodegradable raw materials

Our biodegradable Advent Calendar tray is the latest step in our mission to make our product line sustainable. The inner tray is made from 100% biodegradable raw materials. We use natural Pulp Injection Moulding to achieve this. 70% of the starch used to make the tray comes from potatoes, with 12% paper fiber and 18% water. This means the inner tray is far more environmentally friendly than its plastic predecessor. While the protective film and chocolate wrappers are still plastic (for food safety and freshness reasons), we consider the re-design a very important step on our sustainability journey. We constantly review our designs and supply chain to improve the sustainability of our products.

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"This product is a test for us. What we learn will serve as a guide on how we can make our product range even more resource-efficient in the future."

Fenna Willers, Sustainability Manager at CEWE

FSC®-certified paper for the outer packaging of our Advent Calendars

Considering the Environment at Christmas

During production, we pay close attention to the use of resource-saving materials: This includes using nothing but FSC®-certified paper for the outer packaging of our Advent Calendars , which are digitally printed with water-based inks. We also use green electricity throughout our production labs. All of our CEWE branded products are manufactured in a completely climate-neutral manner and couriered the emission-free way, with DHL GoGreen. About 96% of our shipping packaging is corrugated cardboard made from recycled materials. The proportion of plastic we use is less than 4%. Plastics are primarily used to protect products from moisture during transport.  This means the use of plastic cannot be completely avoided, and this is especially true for the packaging of food items. However, CEWE is actively researching sustainable alternatives to further reduce plastic in the future.

"Plastic waste bothers us a lot. We are proud that the inner tray of our Advent Calendar is now made from organic materials."

Thomas Mehls, CEWE board member

How to recycle your Advent Calendar

How to Recycle Your Advent Calendar

Our environmentally-friendly Advent Calendars have a ‘heart’ made of potatoes: Since all the materials for the production of the inner tray are obtained from naturally renewable resources and are 100% organic, you can compost them, or dispose of them in your organic/food waste bin.  The outer packaging of your empty Advent Calendar can then be recycled as cardboard waste. The protective film for the calendar and the chocolate packaging should go into your normal household waste.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At CEWE we’ve already taken many steps towards creating a more environmentally friendly product range. Sustainability is a constant process for us - and it’s far from over. In the meantime, we keep our emissions down to a minimum. We use renewable energies, green IT and where possible, we work with suppliers who are close to our production sites so that we can reduce CO₂ emissions produced in transport.

Your questions answered

The inner tray, which was previously made of plastic, has been replaced by an environmentally friendly injection-moulded tray made from paper fibres and potato starch. However, we cannot do away with plastic completely for food safety reasons – it’s there to protect your Ferrero products from moisture and to keep them fresh.

The potatoes we use are grown specifically to produce industrial packaging. They have a higher starch content than conventional potatoes. They require specially treated cultivation areas. This is not land that could be used to grow food, so you can rest assured that no space or resources are wasted.

We work closely with the certification bodies that review social and ecological standards for businesses. Ferrero have been using 100% sustainably certified cocoa since the beginning of 2020. In 2018, Ferrero received the Fairtrade Award for its long-term partnership with the co-operative union ECOOKIM, and its commitment to the Fairtrade Cocoa Program. Since the end of 2014, Ferrero has used 100% sustainably certified RSPO palm oil. Further information can be found at ferrerocsr.com.

Please send your request to bootsphoto@cewe.ie. We are always happy to answer your questions and hear your thoughts on this topic.

The market for recyclable plastic films is only just developing. We continue to test biodegradable plastic wraps and we are still in the process of developing a recyclable wrap that is both airtight and suitable to be used alongside our existing machinery.

Yes, the packaging has been certified in the following ways –

  • Bio-based (USDA, Vinçotte, BCC)
  • Biodegradable / Compostable (EN13432, ASTMD6868, TÜV Austria)
  • 99% Recyclable Paper (UL)
  • ISEGA - safe for direct contact with food

Currently, our Advent Calendars and manufactured in and shipped from Germany, where we work closely with our partner reinpapier ®.