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Passport Photo Requirements

Looking for a Printing Booth?

If you want to take your passport photo in store, click here to find a printing booth near you. Please note, availability includes selected larger Boots stores nationwide.

As a result of health and safety measures in-place due to the COVID-19 situation, in-store photobooths are currently switched off until further notice. Boots apologises for any inconvenience caused.

If you’re in need of a new passport or are looking to receive your first one, you’ll need a photo that passes the guidelines when you come to apply. We’ve put together a simple, yet effective, guide to help you get that picture-perfect passport photo.

You will need -

  • The Right Equipment

To take your passport photo, we’d recommend a good quality phone camera, a digital camera, or a tablet. It is important to note that you can’t submit a selfie, so you’ll need someone else to take the photo on your behalf. However, if you have a tripod, use it! It will ensure that the camera is kept steady and level.

  • A Plain Background

Take your photo in front of a plain background that is cream or white in colour. Avoid standing in front of tiled walls or patterned wallpaper, and make sure there are no objects in the frame. The Correct Posture For optimal positioning, stand 1.5 metres away from the person taking the photo, and half a metre from the wall. Make sure your photo isn’t closely cropped as the Passport Office will automatically crop your image to size once they’ve received your application. Remember to position yourself so that there is enough space around your head and shoulders too.

  • Suitable Lighting

The best lighting is natural lighting, so position yourself facing towards a window. Photos won’t be accepted if there are shadows on your face or behind your head, so make sure that the light is even. If you don’t have access to enough natural lighting, avoid being too close to a lamp as it will only light one side of your face.

  • To Remove Anything Covering Your Face

You should take off any headwear unless it’s worn for religious or medical reasons. If you have accessories such as hair clips or glasses, they will also need to be removed (this also applies to glasses positioned on the top of your head!). Although the Passport Office recommends removing glasses, you may wear them if absolutely necessary - just take care to avoid glare on the lenses as this would void the photo. Put your hair back into a ponytail, tuck a long fringe behind your ear (or with a natural clip) as hair also counts towards covering your face.

  • The Right Facial Expression

Look straight at the camera with a neutral expression. Although it feels unnatural, your mouth should be closed, and you aren’t allowed to smile. Once you’ve taken your photo, double check that the image is clear and in focus, with no red eye. If there is a problem, take another shot as you are unable to use an editing software to correct it.