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At Home and On The Go: How to Organise Your Photos

We all do it - go on wonderful holidays, enjoy weekend adventures and take plenty of amazing photos….and then forget about them or leave them on your phone. If only there was an easy way to store your photos and make sure they are ready to turn into a masterpiece…

Introducing CEWE myPhotos!

The home for your photos and videos. Save the best moments of your life in one place with CEWE myPhotos and access them anywhere, any time on any device.

With CEWE myPhotos, you and others can collate all the beautiful photos from one particular event – even when you are out and about. This way, you have a central place where you can view all the photos at the end of the end of the trip, holiday or event. CEWE myPhotos has many easy to use benefits - you can save your photos directly at your holiday destination and structure them very easily – using a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Then, it’s over to you to enjoy the seamless transition from photo to photo product.

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Create an ‘Event’

You can access your photos stored in CEWE myPhotos from your PC, tablet or smartphone. As a heads up, we recommend creating your account with CEWE myPhotos while you are still at home so that it’s ready to receive all your holiday photos! Before you set off on your first adventure, simply log in using the app (available for Android and iOS) and create an ‘Event’ for your excursion or trip, in which you can now store your photos.

Quick and Easy: Upload Your Photos

One of the best parts about CEWE myPhotos handy is that you can save your photos in parts, as you go, meaning you will not need to sift through hundreds of photos when you return home (which is usually the part that puts you off most!) Plus, a secure backup is available directly from CEWE myPhotos too, providing you peace of mind your whole trip.

organising photos on laptop with CEWE myPhotos

Photo Access for Multiple People

Exchanging photos and collecting them together is simple, easy and secure via a link or QR code. Plus, your photos can be made available directly to friends and family via the "Share" function. Here, you can also invite others to add their favourite pictures, which is great when you’re looking to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for the whole family/group.

An Advantage All Year Round

The certainty of being able to keep precious memories in a safe place is important to many people, and not just when you go on holiday. There are many good reasons why your photo archive should not only be stored on a PC, a hard drive or as prints at home. Instead, save your photos in our cloud as CEWE myPhotos offers you 15 GB of storage, free of charge. Because of this, it is also easy to store all your analog photo treasures that you can digitise with us.

Inspiration For Your Next Gift

large photo book open showing travel photos from the USA

For great stories of happiness, adventure and life, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK collects memories of beautiful experiences that you can treasure forever. Now you’ve got your photos in tip top shape, it’s time to make the seamless transition into your very own photo book.

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