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Playing Cards
Playing Cards

Personalised Playing Cards

Create your own deck of personalised playing cards and enjoy hours of fun!

  • Add your favourite photo to the back
  • Includes 52 custom playing cards plus 3 jokers
  • Presented in a sturdy transparent plastic case
€ 12.99 *

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Product Features


Cardboard playing cards, with transparent plastic case

FSC® certified


52 poker cards

Size per card:

6 x 9 cm

Printable area:

5 x 8 cm

Recommended resolution:

500 x 800 pixels

Personalised playing cards laid out on a table with a custom design on the reverse

Deal out a great gift

Playing cards aren’t just for classic games like solitaire or poker. They have the potential to supply hours of entertainment that can make the difference between a boring road trip and a memory-making adventure! Whether you know a poker enthusiast or a young magician-in-training, creating a custom deck of playing cards can make a meaningful gift. Find the perfect photo you want to personalise your playing cards with and order online in just a few clicks.

Design inspiration for custom playing cards

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to get started, so discover some easy design ideas you could use to create your deck of cards.
Playing cards on a table with a photo of a smiling man on the back of each card

A person you love

Celebrate a favourite individual in your life by putting them on the back of each card in a deck.

Playing cards on a table with an image of a beautiful sunset on the back of each card

Travel and Nature

Layout a landscape to enjoy a beautiful view from one of your favourite places each and every time you shuffle, deal and play games.

Playing cards on a table with a colourful geometric design on the back of each card

Decoration or Pattern

Maybe you know a graphic designer or have a favourite pattern you want use to create your own deck of cards.

A group of friends having fun playing a card game

Timeless for a reason

Modern life leaves little to be desired as everything is a tap away, but with a world clouded by screens, switching off doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Going back to classic games that can be played with a deck of cards or even putting together a personalised jigsaw puzzle can bring families, couples or friends together to enjoy their time together without worrying about a power cut interrupting their fun.