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child sat in mothers lap looking over kid photo book with selfies in


Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK – Photo Fun for Your Little One

23rd November 2020

Introduce your baby to the world through personalised baby books. Reading to your little one from as young as two months is a beautiful shared bonding activity between you and baby. It will help them to associate reading as a cosy experience, where they get to spend uninterrupted quality time cuddled up to you. There are many proven benefits to reading and introducing your baby to picture books from a young age:

  • It encourages awareness and interaction, like pointing to familiar faces and colours
  • It familiarises them with numbers, letters, shapes and people
  • It helps to train motor skills when turning pages
  • It helps to sharpen the senses, including listening, thinking and touching

Our Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect option for creating your very own personalised baby board book. Customised to suit any age, from 0-5 months to 6-12 months and beyond, create your own personalised baby board book to help your child become familiar with new concepts, colours and familiar faces across their different developmental stages. With 22 extra-thick rounded pages, fill your kids photo book with personalised photos and text to help get their minds ticking and ears listening – plus, it’s perfectly durable for those potential teething moments!

If you’re struggling to know where to start with your Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we’ve put together our favourite themes and ideas for you to get creative with your personalised photo book for your little one.

Alphabet Book

Create your very own alphabet CEWE PHOTOBOOK to introduce your baby to letters from an early age. Simply add your favourite photos, whether it’s of your baby, familiar objects, special toys or family members, but make sure that there is something in the image that begins with a letter of the alphabet. For example, you could take a cute photo of their tiny feet or a favourite teddy and add the letters “T” and “t”, accompanied by the word “toes” or “teddy”. As there’s only 22 pages, try to group some of your letters together in one image. You’ll finish with creative, personal way to introduce letters to your little one.

Alphabet themed kids photo board book with own photos for each letter

Family Book

Fill your Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK with photos of all your nearest and dearest. Including photos of familiar faces, such as their doting grandparents, aunts, uncles and other close members of the family, will encourage your baby to interact through pointing and touching as they recognise their loved ones. It will also help them to develop their memory, as well as giving them a head start with social development. A family photo board book makes the perfect gift to give from grandparent to grandchild that can be kept as a beautiful memento for years to come too.

Family themed kids photo book, personalised learn the family photo book

Colour Book

Add photos to your Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK that contain bright colours, whether it’s a scarf, top or favourite toy. Pick out the dominant colour and match it as close as possible onto the opposite page as a background colour. On your page of colour, you can add text to help identify the colour name as well as further details and descriptions for older children. This is a fun, yet personal way to introduce your little one to the colours of the world around them.

board book for kids that shows a child with a green top and text describing it

Shape Identification Photo Book

Introduce shapes to your baby with a personalised Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK, filled with favourite photos of your baby or familiar objects, accompanied with a variety of shapes. You could even insert your treasured moments into different shaped frames for an extra special way to identify shapes. From circles to squares, triangles to rectangles, (whichever shape you choose!) remember to label it using text to help your little one associate the spelling and letters to the shape. Remember to use plenty of bright colours to help keep them engaged as they’re learning - perfect for giving them that educational head start!

personalised kids photo book with shapes to identify

Number Book

Similar to our shapes and colour identification board book ideas above, why not get your little one started early with numbers? Fill your own baby board book with favourite photos that happen to contain a specific number of items in. This one may be a little difficult to produce with photos you already have, but it is a great idea for a future home photoshoot. Simply give your little one some props, such as 1 ball, 2 teddies, 3 sweets and so on, until you’ve reached the number you want them to learn! Add large numbering and bright colours to your Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK that will help attract their attention and boost their thinking (and counting!) skills.

kids photo book personalised with family photos and numbered pages for education

Public Holidays Book

Introduce your child to the various fun public holidays we celebrate throughout the year. Get creative and hold a photoshoot at home with your baby dressed up according to the holiday theme. Alternatively, you can add treasured photos from a particular time of year, such as a family Easter egg hunt or a pumpkin carving session with the kids to add to your personalised children’s board book. It will make a perfect (and cute!) memento to look back on in years to come too!

kids photo book with a page for each special occasion and public holiday

Family-Outing Book

Document a special day out you shared with your little one, no matter what age, in a Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Whether it’s a trip to the park or a visit to a beach, fill your baby board book with cherished memories that will remind them of that happy day out with the family. Add text to bring the day to life and create your own kids personalised photo story book that you can read out to your little one. It will make the perfect gift for any young child that leaves a big impression in your life, be it your niece, nephew, grandchild or your own little one.

kids board book with photos of family walks and adventures

Animal Book

For the animal lovers! Fill your Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK with a variety of beautiful shots you’ve taken of animals, from family pets to mammals you saw on a trip to the zoo with your little one! Add the name of the animal, such as ‘dog’ or ‘zebra’, to help your young one start to familiarise with spellings, as well as the name of the animal itself. If you don’t have many photos of animals, plan to take plenty of pictures on your next visit to a safari park or zoo. Try and capture photos of your little one with the animals in shot too for a beautiful memory photo book they can look back on when they’re older!

personalised photo book for kids that helps them learn about animals

Multilingual book

For those that want to raise their children to speak multiple languages, a multilingual book is the perfect option. It has been said that “the best time to teach your child a second language is the same time she's learning her first one”, and what better way to do that than through a personalised baby board photo book. Teach your little ones from an early age with simple translations of objects, animals and people in your personalised flip photo book for kids. Upload your own photos and add text that shows the English word as well as the translated word to help your little one associate the words, images and spellings together. It will certainly give them an educational head start with languages and encourage their thinking skills!

photo book for kids with bold lettering teaching another language

Get creative!

We hope our themes and ideas for your next Kids CEWE PHOTOBOOK have inspired you to get creative. Whatever theme you choose, remember to tailor your personalised baby board book to your child’s developmental stage, providing inviting and colourful photos for the first few months of their life, and adding text or other objects to build their cognitive and thinking skills as they get older. Add further personality to storytime, using animated and expressive voices as you read to your little one as suggested by mummy blogger, Emma’s Diary. It just shows that the possibilities are truly endless when creating your personalised baby board photo book with CEWE.

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