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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas with Instant Photo Prints

Christmas Inspiration

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas with Instant Photo Prints

Each year as Christmas rolls around, there are two types of people - those who have already started purchasing their gifts in October and those who leave things to the last minute. Regardless of when you start to plan your presents, Instant Photo Prints are on hand to not only decorate and add to your gift wrapping, but they also become an extended gift themselves!

We’ve put together five handy DIY videos to help you get crafty with this year’s Christmas gifts using Instant Photo Prints. From genius Instant Print strip gift tags to fun and festive elf decorations, we’re sure you’ll soon be ready to print your photos and appreciate them with your loved ones this Christmas.

1. Create a Custom Elf Tree Decoration Featuring You

Turn someone special into a Christmas elf ready to hang in pride of place on the tree this year! All you’ll need is our free downloadable template, some instant photo prints and a few crafty materials to get started.

  • Download our free elf template and print it from a CEWE Photostation as a 6x4 instant print
  • Print out another 6x4 instant print of the person who you are turning into an elf. Their head should be roughly 20% of the print.
  • Using a knife or scissors, carefully cut out the elf.
  • Place sticky foam pads (or similar!) at the top of the legs and arms and fix them to the back of the body.
  • Place a sticky pad at the bottom of the head on the reverse side.
  • Fix the head to the front of the body.
  • Using a hole punch, make a hole in the top of the hat, at least 5mm away from the edge.
  • Loop a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole and secure.
  • Add 2 x sticky foam pads to the base of the hat on the reverse side.
  • Fix the hat to the top of the head and then position your decoration on the tree!

2. Design a Gift Tag Using an Instant Photo Strip

Why use only words when you can add pictures to your gifts to make them even more sentimental? Here’s how to create the best gift tags your loved ones will receive this Christmas using just an instant photo strip!

  • Visit a CEWE Photostation and select a Christmas-themed template for your instant photo strip, then add your photo.
  • Write a personal message onto the instant print strip.
  • Print it out!
  • Using a hole punch, make a hole in the top of the print, at least 5mm away from the edge.
  • Loop a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole.
  • Add to your gift!

3. Create a Greetings Card Print to Elevate Your Christmas Wrapping

As if the gift itself isn’t already going to make their Christmas, we’ve got a trick to help you give them something even more memorable when they open it up on Christmas Day! Here’s how you can add a greetings card print to your Christmas wrapping for a guaranteed smile.

  • Visit a CEWE Photostation and select a Christmas-themed template for your instant print greetings card.
  • Add your photo to the template.
  • Print it out!
  • Write your message onto the back of the instant print greetings card.
  • Attach to your gift.

4. Add Instant Stickers to Decorate Your Christmas Wrapping

When custom photo stickers exist, sticky tape just won’t do when it comes to wrapping this year’s gifts. Watch as we walk you through creating a set of personalised photo stickers to use as you customise your Christmas gifts.

  • Visit a CEWE Photostation and select your favourite Christmas-themed sticker template
  • Add your photos to the template
  • Write a personal message onto the sticker
  • Print them out!
  • As you start wrapping your gift, use the stickers to fix the paper in position.

5. Create a Framed Photo Collage with Instant Print Stickers

Easy to create but packing a big punch, the framed photo sticker collage might just be our top DIY gift idea of 2021. Follow along as our video shows you how to turn instant print stickers into something they’ll cherish forever.

  • Visit a CEWE Photostation, select your photos and print off a set of instant print stickers.
  • Take a piece of paper and cut around the backboard of your picture frame.
  • Stick the photos to the paper.
  • Add your own handwritten message and any embellishments to make it yours.

It’s Time to Start Creating

And now it's over to you! Whether you choose to add an instant print of you and your partner to their gift or use photo stickers of the recipient on their presents, make it stand out with our premium instant prints. Happy creating!

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